When you think of autumn, images of playing football, picking apples, changing leaves, and carving pumpkins come to mind. Fall is also a great time to give your lawn some much-needed TLC before the cold weather of winter begins. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we highly recommend having your Muncie lawn aerated each autumn season. An aerated lawn can fend off soil compaction, help roots grow strong, and provide many other benefits as well.

Why Should I Have My Muncie Lawn Aerated in the Fall?

Soil Compaction

During the summer, you and your family are walking, playing, and using your lawn. While the whole point of having a lush, green lawn is so you can enjoy it during the warmer months, all of the pressure placed on it by family, friends, and pets can easily compact the soil and put stress on your grass. When the soil becomes pressed down and hardened, it keeps water and nutrients from reaching the grass’s root zone. Aeration breaks up the soil, giving your lawn some much-needed wiggle room.

Thatch Management

Thatch is a thick layer of living and dead leaves, roots, and stems that has collected between the grass and the soil. A lawn that sees a lot of activity often develops thatch. Aerating a heavily thatched lawn will not only break up the thatch, but also allow the grassroots to grow deeper and stronger before winter arrives.

Stunted Root Growth

Both compacted soil and hardened thatch can negatively affect your lawn’s root zone. These soil problems keep sunlight, water, and fertilizer from reaching the roots of the grass. The process of aeration opens up the lawn and breaks through the soil and thatch, allowing the roots to get all the nutrients they need.

Winter & Drought Resistance

Because aeration opens up the soil, leaving plenty of space for the roots to get all the sustenance they need, it will give your lawn a head start for the coming cold, dry winter season. If your lawn is strong, vibrant, and healthy when winter arrives, it will be able to survive the cold weather much easier than if it were weak, dry, and patchy. 

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