If you spot bare patches or white or pink areas in your yard as snow begins to melt, you may have a problem with snow mold. There are steps you can take to minimize the damage, plus, All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC is ready to help. Let’s take a look at what snow mold is and how you can prevent it from growing on your Muncie lawn.

Is Your Lawn Suffering from Snow Mold?

What Is Snow Mold?

Snow mold is a fungus that infects grass each spring. It appears as discolored patches on your lawn and is usually found in locations that get snow during the winter. While these fungal spores are inactive during very hot or cold temperatures, as snow begins to melt they can spread across your yard. If you spot areas of dead grass, then the mold has most likely already taken hold. 

How to Get Rid of Snow Mold

Unfortunately, once snow mold begins to spread there’s not much anyone can do to contain it. Because snow mold grows in wet soil, it’s best to get the ground as dry as possible. Begin by raking any areas that are affected so the sun can reach the soil. Once the snow is gone, check the yard to see which areas have been affected. Gray snow mold only kills the grass — not the roots — so it’s possible the grass may grow back. Other types of snow mold attack the whole plant. In this case, it’s best to rake up the dead grass and re-seed the area.

How To Prevent Snow Mold

The best way to keep snow mold off your lawn is to prevent it from growing altogether. Fall is the best time to take action. Follow these tips for snow mold prevention:

  • Apply a fungicide before it snows.
  • Aerate your lawn a few times each year.
  • Rake and bag all leaves.
  • Fill low areas in your yard with soil.

Professional Seeding & Renovation

If snow mold has found its way to your Muncie lawn, contact All Brothers at (765) 371-4186. With our lawn seeding and renovation, we can restore your yard to its thriving and healthy condition.  We also provide fertilization and weed control, spring and fall cleanup, and lawn pest control in Cicero, Pendleton, Anderson, and all nearby Muncie locations.

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