All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC is proud to offer integrated pest management programs. This pest control solution uses different treatment methods to reduce pesticide use and minimize the effects of pests on grass, trees, and vegetation. With our background in farming, we have found integrated pest control management to be very effective in decreasing and preventing damage from pests. Learn all about integrated pest management and the various solutions we use for our Muncie customers.

What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Why Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated pest management was initially developed in the 1970s as a way for the agricultural and farming industry to successfully control pests without relying heavily on effective but hazardous pesticides. The goal was to develop safe and effective pest management solutions that would keep the industry economically sound and protect against the risks of traditional pesticides by:

  • reducing health risks to farm employees
  • decreasing adverse environmental effects 
  • protecting the food supply from traditional pesticides

Benefits of Integrated Pest Solutions

Over 50 years later, integrated pest management is a welcome treatment for pest control and prevention. There are several benefits to this type of pest management solution, and they include:

  • pest control treatments that are low-cost, yet effective 
  • responsible pest management for residential and commercial customers 
  • all-in-one pest control that uses preventative practices and targeted treatments 
  • pest management programs that are dependable and low-risk

Our Integrated Pest Management Programs

All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC believes the most effective treatment for pests and insects on your Muncie property is the application of integrated pest management programs on a consistent maintenance schedule. With this approach, pests can be eliminated and prevented from returning. Our integrated pest management program may include: 

  • lawn pest management programs
  • monthly application treatments
  • one-time applications
  • preventative methods like perimeter sprays and applications

Muncie’s #1 Pest Control Company

A well-maintained property is the first defense to protecting your yard from pests and insects. Contact us by calling (765) 371-4186 to request a lawn-service assessment. We serve Richmond, Portland, Union City, and all surrounding areas of Muncie with lawn care services such as seeding and renovation, fertilization and weed control, and EAB treatment

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