Does your lawn have patches of dead grass or areas of standing water after it rains? Does it seem your lawn grows much more slowly compared to those in your neighborhood? These types of issues are caused when a lawn is severely compacted and unable to absorb the nutrients it needs. Lawn aeration treatment can drastically reduce many of these lawn problems. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we recommend lawn aeration for soil compaction, improved nutrient absorption, as well as several other benefits.

5 Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn Each Year

1. Improved Drainage

All Brothers uses professional aeration equipment that creates small holes or tiny pockets of air throughout your entire yard. This allows water to be absorbed more easily. Aeration also provides a way for water to move towards your lawn’s root system. A lawn will not grow if it can’t get sufficient water.

2. Reduced Soil Compaction

Compacted soil causes many problems for an otherwise healthy lawn. Grass grows slowly or doesn’t grow at all. By alleviating soil compaction, aeration of a lawn enables grass roots to grow deeper and stronger. 

3. Improved Nutrient Absorption

When you create tiny pockets of air throughout your yard, you’re essentially creating small trails where water and nutrients can be efficiently absorbed by the grass plant. This provides an optimal environment for your lawn to receive as many nutrients and water as possible.

4. Removal of Excessive Thatch

Thatch is a layer of both living and dead debris that lives on top of the soil. When this layer gets too thick it becomes a breeding ground for many unwanted pests, insects, and grubs. Aeration removes this layer of thatch, getting rid of those pesky insects, as well as making room for proper nutrients like sun and water, to be absorbed by the grass roots.

5. Improved Overall Lawn Health

By improving drainage, reducing soil compaction, improving nutrient absorption, and removing excess thatch, you are giving your lawn everything it needs to thrive and grow.

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