If you’re looking for a sustainable, yet effective, way to seed your lawn or property, you may want to consider hydroseeding. This method has been used for decades to quickly develop large plots of commercial land with nearly 100% grass coverage. In addition to being used in commercial applications, hydroseeding has gained popularity in residential spaces. It saves time and is cost-effective when compared to other seeding methods.  

All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC provides hydroseeding services for both home and business owners in the Muncie area. If you’re trying to decide which lawn care method is right for your property, review the benefits and applications of professional hydroseeding below.

When to Consider Hydroseed for Your Lawn or Commercial Property

Commercial Applications

Hydroseeding began as a cost-effective method for establishing grass on and around commercial properties. It’s now being used to effectively grow grass in a variety of commercial settings, such as these:

  • Large areas of land that were created during the construction of building projects and highways
  • Fields that are used to play sports
  • Grazing fields to grow grass for animals
  • Large plots of land that were destroyed by wildfires
  • Highway medians and other open areas
  • Hard-to-reach places that are difficult to seed

Residential Applications

In the past, homeowners only had two options for growing grass in their lawns — dry seed or sod. When compared to hydroseeding, dry seeding takes more time and does not always produce results, and sodding is more expensive. If you have a large yard and are interested in hydroseeding to quickly grow healthy grass, you can always purchase a hydroseeding kit or call a landscape company like All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC to tackle this project for you.

Other reasons to hydroseed your Muncie property, include these benefits:

  • Grow quality grass as hydroseed mixtures contain mulch and fertilizer.
  • Maintain moisture in your lawn and protect against erosion.
  • Prevent weeds from germinating as hydroseed slurries have fewer weed seeds than other applications.

Renovate Your Property with Hydroseeding

All Brothers serves Muncie, Yorktown, New Castle, and the surrounding areas with our residential and commercial hydroseeding services. We also provide lawn aeration, weed control and fertilization, EAB treament, and more. Contact us today at (765) 371-4186 to schedule an assessment for your lawn or property.

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