4 Common Lawn Problems & Their Causes

Patches of dead or dry grass, poor growth, tightly-packed soil, and other lawn problems can all result in less-than-optimal curb appeal for your home. Armed with a little knowledge on how to combat these all-too-common lawn conditions and you can … Continued

What Causes Soil Compaction?

Do you have a lawn that you’ve been taking care of all summer, but it seems no matter what you do, not much will grow? Have you considered the possibility that your Muncie lawn may be compacted? Soil compaction is … Continued

3 FAQs Regarding Lawn Aeration

Everyone wants a beautiful, thriving lawn. One way to enjoy a lush lawn during the warmer months of the year is through aeration. Lawn aeration exposes the soil to the air by removing plugs, or small pieces of the soil. … Continued

Lawn Care Services from the Roots Up

At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we know that a healthy, thriving lawn begins from the roots up. This is how we approach comprehensive lawn care services for homes and businesses throughout the Muncie area. Using a combination of aeration, … Continued

5 Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn Each Year

Does your lawn have patches of dead grass or areas of standing water after it rains? Does it seem your lawn grows much more slowly compared to those in your neighborhood? These types of issues are caused when a lawn … Continued

What to Do if Disease Has Taken Over Your Lawn

You’ve spent all spring and summer meticulously watering and grooming your lawn only to find brown and yellow spots that won’t seem to go away. Every lawn gets brown spots from time to time, but you should be on the … Continued

The Do’s and Don’ts of Watering Your Lawn

It’s that time of year again when most homeowners are looking at their lawns and trying desperately to maintain healthy, green, and lush grass. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the right strategies to use when watering their lawns, and simply … Continued