Having an issue with bugs or rodents? All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC has you covered! Located in Union City and serving Muncie and beyond, we are your pest control experts, both for residential and commercial properties, indoor and outdoor. If unwanted pests are driving you up the wall, give us a call at (765) 371-4186 today to start getting them out of your life.

Lawn Pest Control Muncie Indiana

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Pest Control Muncie Indiana

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Proven Indoor Pest Control Services

Pests inside your home should never be taken lightly because they can cause structural damage or lead to unsanitary living conditions. At All Brothers, we can help stop them. Our indoor pest control services include perimeter control to prevent home infestations. Treatments create a protective barrier around your property to ensure crawling and burrowing insects are stopped before they have a chance to make it inside.

We prevent or control all kinds of indoor pests, including:

  • Bed bugs 
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Ants (carpenter, black, etc.)
  • Powderpost beetles
  • Rodents (mice, rats, other small rodents)
  • And more!
Pest Control Muncie

We’ll help you be healthy and comfortable in the place that you call home, and eliminate your indoor pests.

Expert Lawn Pest Control

Preventing pest issues before they begin is crucial to the health of your lawn. Most problems can be avoided by making sure that your turf, trees, and shrubs receive detailed care and deep-root fertilizers to combat potential threats. And if your property is already infested, we’re able to take care of that, too. With our lawn pest control services, we can protect your yard from destruction.

We prevent or control all kinds of outdoor pests, including:

  • Japanese beetles
  • Web worms
  • Tent caterpillars
  • Viburnum leaf beetles
  • Long-horned beetles
  • Pineshoot borers
  • Emerald ash borers
  • Asian beetles
  • And more!
Pest Control Muncie Indiana

From basic lawn health care services to snow removal during the winter months, we have you covered!

Effective EAB Treatment

Emerald ash borers are exotic beetles that can destroy your ash trees before you’re even aware that they’re around. At All Brothers Lawn Squad, we use safe, effective, state-certified applicators to save your trees from emerald ash borers without risking damage to your family and lawn.

With our EAB services, we inject the treatment directly into the trunk of the tree instead of applying topical sprays or soaking the soil with pesticides. This keeps harmful chemicals away from your lawn, pets, and family.

Integrated Pest Management Programs

We offer several integrated pest management programs to our customers, including indoor pest management programs, monthly application programs, one-time applications, and preventative methods such as perimeter sprays and applications.

One of the best lines of defense against pests is to regularly maintain pest control visits. This is why our most of our commercial clients select our monthly programs; however, we also offer on-call services for one-time situations.

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Located in Union City, All Brothers serves the Muncie, Indiana, areas, north as far as Portland, Indiana, south as far as Richmond, Indiana, and east as far as Greenville, Ohio. We are family-owned and -operated, and we pride ourselves on integrity, honesty, and a strong work ethic. To learn more, browse our helpful FAQs, call us at (765) 371-4186, or schedule an on-site consultation.