Whether you are trying to establish a luscious new lawn or fix troublesome areas in an existing yard, All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC can help prepare or repair your grounds for optimum growth. Correct seeding and irrigation are crucial factors in maintaining healthy, beautiful turf. Each season brings challenges and threats to your grass, leaving it stressed and in need of TLC.

Serving Muncie, Indiana, Winchester, and the surrounding areas, All Brothers provides the right combination of seeding and lawn repair services to ensure your turf stays green.

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Lawn Repair Muncie Indiana

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Proper Lawn Seeding from the Pros

With a background in farming, All Brothers understands the art and science of proper lawn seeding techniques. Seeds need the right combination of seed-to-soil contact and density to optimize growth. Our slice-seeding techniques ensure your seeds receive enough nutrients and water to flourish. By creating small trenches in the soil for seeds, this practice increases the chances of new growth thriving. We also highly recommend aeration services before overseeding a lawn, since soil that is brought to the surface is more receptive to germination.

No matter if you are fixing a patchy or damaged area or starting a yard from scratch, you won’t see the desired results without starting correctly from the soil. In addition to proper seed-to-soil contact, access to the right amount of water is crucial for seeds to develop. We can set up portable irrigation units or sprinkler systems to assist with lawn repair, and we also provide maintenance for existing irrigation systems. All Brothers will take the extra step to ensure your seeds have what they need for proper and timely emergence.

Trust All Brothers for Everything Lawn-Related

Family-owned and -operated, All Brothers believes in doing the right thing for our customers. We will treat your lawn as if it were our own, only recommending necessary services and treatments.

In addition to our lawn seeding and repair services, our wide range of lawn care options includes fertilization and weed control, spring and fall cleanup, mowing, and pest control. To learn more, browse our frequently asked questions, or share your past experience by writing us a review.

We proudly serve homes and businesses in Muncie, IN, Winchester and beyond – as far north as Portland, as far south as Richmond, and as far east as Greenville, Ohio. Call us today at (765) 371-4186 for lawn repair, snow removal, and so much more.