A lush, thriving lawn begins with a weed-free yard. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we can give your Muncie yard the weed control it needs. If you’d like to take care of these weeds yourself, the first thing you need to do is know what type of weeds you have. Read through this short guide to find out more about what type of weeds may be lurking in your Muncie lawn.

4 Types of Weeds That May Be Lurking in Your Muncie Lawn

1. Crabgrass

Crabgrass is a blue-green or purple, leafy weed that has finger-like spiky flowers. This weed thrives in dry and malnourished lawns that are shorter than two inches. The best way to control crabgrass is to have a thick, well-watered lawn. You can also treat it with a pre-emergent herbicide, which needs to be applied each spring.

2. Dandelion

Everyone knows what dandelions look like. They are those bright yellow flowers you used to play with as kids. You can spot-treat these pretty weeds with a broadleaf weed killer. If you don’t mind the tedious work, you can also pull or dig them out by the roots before they seed and spread. 

3. White Clover

Also known as dutch clover, this perennial weed has three-lobed leaves with a fluffy white flower at the end of each stem. It spreads by creeping along the ground and thrives in sparse and weak grass that has been watered too much. You can treat this weed by spot-treating with a broadleaf weed killer. As a preventive measure, you can also apply a nitrogen fertilizer.

4. Ground Ivy

Also known as creeping Charlie, this weed has bright green, round leaves with scalloped edges. It reproduces when it seeds and also has creeping stems like the white clover. Ground ivy prefers damp soil and lots of shade. A yard with improved drainage will help prevent this creeping weed. You can pull the stems and roots out, or spot-treat with a broadleaf post-emergent herbicide.

Top-Notch Weed Control in Muncie

To rid your yard of these nasty weeds, contact All Brothers Lawn Squad today at (765) 371-4186. We serve the Muncie area, including Yorktown and New Castle, with our seeding and renovation services, lawn aeration services, and spring and fall cleanup services.

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