All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC provides lawn health care services and pest control in Muncie, Indiana, as well as nearby areas as far north as Portland, as far south as Richmond, and as far east as Greenville, Ohio. To learn more about our services, browse some frequently asked questions below.

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What are the benefits of hiring a professional lawn care company?

At All Brothers, our lawn health care providers understand the importance of applying the right treatment at the right time to save you time and money. We have the expertise and equipment needed to nurture your yard until it reaches its full potential – and then keep it there. Our professional grade products ensure your lawn receives what it needs without emptying your wallet. Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer any lawn care questions or concerns that arise.

Why does my lawn look healthier in some areas than others?

Every lawn is unique. The variation in greenness and thickness may be due to different types of soil, the amount of shade versus sun on the area, or the type of grass present. Our lawn care experts can identify what your lawn needs to look its best. The problem may be able to be corrected with proper aeration, seeding, and fertilization or you may need our insect and pest control services.

How long do my family and pets need to stay off the area after a lawn application?

This depends on the lawn service being provided. Some treatments, like our emerald ash borer injections, are targeted in such a way that you can enjoy being in your yard the same day and not be exposed to any harmful chemicals or spray-off. Our lawn health care providers will provide accurate instructions and recommendations with each service.

What is recommended for successful seed establishment?

Healthy soil is crucial for seeds to germinate and grow. Every lawn is unique in its needs when it comes to seeding; for example, some lawns require slice seeding, while others would benefit more from overseeding.

When overseeding is the best method, aeration is a good first step in ensuring your lawn isn’t compacted, so seeds can receive the proper oxygen and nutrition. In addition, our seed-to-soil contact method is carefully designed to optimize seed nutrition and stimulation. It also is important to control weeds, insects and pests, and keep your yard free from thatch that can suffocate the seeds before they have a chance to take off.

Do I need aeration services?

Lawn aeration is one of the best things that can be done for your lawn’s health. Indiana lawns can be clay based and overly compacted, creating an unsatisfactory environment for grass and plant growth. Aerating your lawn removes plugs of soil from the ground, opening up the soil so seeds and roots can better receive nutrients, water, and oxygen. Since healthy growth above ground isn’t possible without healthy roots and soil below ground, aeration is extremely important.

Why is controlling weeds important?

Weeds can quickly overtake a yard. They aggressively make their presence known, stealing nutrients, water, and oxygen from your grass, shrubs, and trees. Weeds also can attract unwanted pests and insects and even block the sun from grass starts and sprouts. All Brothers lawn services include many different methods to help with controlling weeds and fight off other threats.

Why do I need to apply multiple stages of fertilizer?

Lawns require different nutrients at specific times throughout the year. Our biosolid fertilizers ensure your lawn has what it needs to survive each season’s changing conditions. We specialize in applying the right product at the right time, and our four-step fertilization process will make sure your lawn is covered.

How do I defer moles and other pests from my yard?

If you suspect you have a mole problem, you may in fact have a grub problem. Since grubs are moles’ predominant source of food, controlling the grubs can help you avoid attracting moles. Insect and pest invasions can be held at bay by establishing perimeter control around your property and applying appropriate treatments every few years. The health of your trees is also highly important, as is keeping debris and leaf buildup to a minimum.

I don’t see any signs of insect or pests – how do I know if they are present?

Invasive insects and pests can completely invade shrubs or trees before you even realize there is a problem. Our lawn health care professionals know exactly what to look for, even if it isn’t obvious to an untrained eye. In most cases, if you’re noticing signs such as leaf discoloration or breakage, the plant may be already at risk. We have the equipment and expertise to see the early signs and address the issue before pests can wreak more havoc.