A fall fertilizer application for your lawn may seem pointless, but is absolutely necessary for a thriving, green lawn throughout the growing season. The professionals at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC have been feeding lawns throughout the Richmond, IN, area since 2011. They have seen firsthand what happens when a lawn doesn’t receive the nutrition it needs each September. Fall is the best time to repair, protect, and prep your yard with the essential nutrients it needs for a thriving lawn in the following spring.

3 Benefits of Fall Fertilization for Your Indiana Lawn

1. Help Replenish Your Lawn

By the end of summer, the grass in your yard has been through some rough conditions, such as the scorching summer heat and foot traffic from family and friends. Your yard ends up with dry, brown patches or areas with very little grass growing at all. A fall fertilizer program will help your grass recover more quickly and maintain its lush, green color even longer.

2. Give Grass a Nutrition Boost Before Winter

At the end of the growing season, lawns need a boost of nutrients to prepare for the harsh conditions of winter. A fertilizer application in the fall will give your lawn the strength and support it needs to make it through the upcoming snowy conditions and freezing temperatures. 

3. Prep Your Lawn for the Spring Season

In the winter, your lawn will become dormant, and won’t be using as much energy as it usually does during the growing season. That final fertilizer application you gave your lawn in the fall is stored within the roots over the winter. Your grass will use that big dose of nutrients to begin its spring growth with all the energy and nutrition it needs. You’ll have a thick, thriving lawn as soon as spring arrives!

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