July can be one of the hottest months of the year. Although you may enjoy the hot, sunny weather, your lawn doesn’t. Too much sun can cause dry, damaged grass that turns brown and will not grow, no matter what you do. All Brothers Lawn Squad, LLC can help you regain that lush lawn you started with in the spring. Simply follow these steps and your grass will turn from drab brown to a beautiful green in no time.

How Seeding Repairs and Protects Your Lawn From Summer Damage

Proper Seed-to-Soil Contact

The best lawn seeding results begin by starting directly with the soil. It’s not enough to simply sprinkle seed over dead grass or a weedy area. It needs proper soil contact to germinate and grow correctly. Our lawn technicians get right down to the bare dirt and loosen up the soil’s surface. Paired with our aeration services, we can efficiently prepare your lawn to become the optimal environment for grass seeds to grow.

Slice-Seeding Methods

Once you’ve prepared the soil for germination, your lawn is ready to be seeded. The experts at All Brothers use slice-seeding techniques to ensure the seed has enough nutrients and water. This technique involves creating small trenches in the soil with a machine called a slice seeder. It places the seed directly and securely in contact with the soil, instead of simply spreading the seed around your yard.

Correct Irrigation Techniques

You’ve prepared the soil for seeding. You’ve placed the seed directly into the soil. Now all that’s left is giving your lawn the proper amount of water. With our lawn seeding services, we set up sprinklers or portable irrigation units that give your lawn the right amount of water each and every day.

Trust All Brothers for Your Lawn Seeding Need

When you find yourself frustrated with a dry, weedy lawn, contact the professionals at All Brothers Lawn Squad at (765) 371-4186. We also offer fertilization and weed control services, spring and fall cleanup, and insect and pest control for the Muncie area and all nearby communities.

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