As temperatures become warmer, the melting snow ends up revealing an unsightly lawn full of dead leaves, broken branches, and the leftovers of winter. Although it can take quite a bit of work, weeding and fertilizing your yard during this time of year will provide you with a lush, green lawn all summer long. All Brothers Lawn Squad, LLC, gladly offers spring clean up services to Muncie, IN, and the surrounding areas. Revitalize your lawn this spring by following these seasonal clean-up tips.

3 Ways To Revitalize Your Lawn This Spring

1. Remove Leaves, Branches, and Yard Waste

Even if you meticulously cleaned your yard in the fall, a thorough spring cleaning of your lawn will prepare your home for an enjoyable summer. This is always needed after a rough winter with months of plowing and shoveling. Ridding your yard of limbs, leaves, and unseemly garbage will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

2. Clean Up All Landscaping

Once your yard is looking as good as new, it’s time to tackle the landscaping. Plants, flower beds, mulch beds, and ravines all need a thorough purging. Discard old leaves, damaged branches, and unwanted waste. Pull any weeds that decide to pop up early in the season. This will help prep the area for those beautiful perennials and new spring plants.

3. Apply Spring Weed Control and Fertilization

Target those weed-prone areas by applying the proper nutrition for your soil and grass. The team at All Brothers Lawn Squad only uses environmentally-friendly alternatives to more common fertilizer treatments. Our natural bio-solid fertilizer lasts longer and is not nearly as harmful to the environment. If your yard proves to be a bit more stubborn, we create a compound that is unique to your specific issues.

It’s not too late to call All Brothers Lawn Squad and schedule an appointment for our spring clean-up services. Contact our friendly team at (765) 371-4186 to find out more about our comprehensive weed control and fertilization treatments. We happily provide other services such as aeration, seeding and renovation, and lawn pest control in the Winchester, Portland, and Richmond communities.

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