Did your Muncie lawn disappoint you this past summer? Are you thinking of adding fertilizer to your lawn in the spring? At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we offer a comprehensive fertilizer program that not only keeps your lawn healthy, but gets rid of those pesky weeds. Using a natural, biosolid fertilizer that is not harmful to the environment, the experts at All Brothers will keep your lawn thriving and beautifully green all summer long.

Our 4-Step Lawn Fertilization Process

1. 1st Application: Crabgrass Control With Fertilizer

Crabgrass is a weed that grows just like any other plant each spring. It typically appears in thin or bare areas of your lawn and can overcrowd and weaken healthy grass. Our first fertilizer application includes a crabgrass control in order to kill off this bothersome weed before it overtakes your yard. 

2. 2nd Application: Fertilizer & Broadleaf Control

Broadleaf is another common weed that can quickly overtake your Muncie lawn. With our second fertilizer application, we include a highly effective broadleaf control in order to squelch this annoying undergrowth for good.

3. 3rd Application: Fertilizer & Broadleaf Control

With our third fertilizer application, we include a second broadleaf control solution. These weeds can quickly crowd out any thriving grass on your lawn. In order to keep your grass thick and healthy, this third application combines fertilizer and broadleaf control that can kill weeds and feed your lawn all in one step. 

4. 4th Application: Winterizer

A winterizer application is applied in the fall, before the winter winds blow and the snow begins. This fourth and last fertilizer application is designed to provide your Muncie lawn with the nutrients it needs to survive the tough winter weather. 

Target Those Troublesome Weeds

Learn more about our thorough weed control and fertilization program by contacting All Brothers today at (765) 371-4186. We also provide many other lawn care services throughout the entire Muncie area, such as seeding and renovation, aeration, spring and fall cleanup, lawn pest control, and snow removal services.

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