Do you ever wonder how it’s possible to keep those nasty weeds from popping up all over your beautiful yard? Maybe you spend time mowing, raking, fertilizing, and even manually ripping weeds out of the ground. Beginning with some simple preventative methods, such as proper mowing practices, can help keep those pesky weeds at bay. Below are three lawn mowing practices the professionals at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC highly recommend for a green and healthy lawn.

3 Ways That Proper Mowing Practices Keep Weed Growth at Bay

1. Raise the Mowing Height

Keep your lawn’s height at three inches or more for a turf that is thick, lush, and free of those awful weeds. Proper mowing height accomplishes so much more than a smooth-looking yard. Maintaining your turf at a longer height prevents weeds from receiving any of the necessary nutrients they need to grow, such as sun and water. This keeps unsightly weeds from growing, allowing your lawn to become a thick, healthy blanket of green grass. Thicker, longer lawns also result in strong, dense roots. This deeper root growth provides nutrition to the grass blades, giving them the nutrition they need to withstand extreme temperatures, drought, insects, and disease. 

2. Always Use Sharp Mower Blades

Dull mower blades can actually cause more damage to your turf than most people realize. A lawnmower with dull blades will rip and shred the grass, causing undue stress to an otherwise healthy plant. This makes it even more difficult for your lawn to recover each time you mow. Dull blades can also lead to:

3. Return Grass Clippings to the Turf

Grass clippings left on the turf after mowing will act as a fertilizer to your lawn. They provide necessary nutrients the grass needs to grow healthy and strong, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. You can accomplish this by using a mulching mower, or by simply leaving the leftover grass clippings on the lawn, and not raking them up. 

Lawn Care Providers You Can Trust

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