All the growing buds and blooms of spring means that warmer weather is on its way. It also means that unwanted growth, such as crabgrass, will grow right along with the beautiful flowers and robust plants in your yard. Since 2011, All Brothers Lawn Squad, LLC has been providing crabgrass treatment to lawns all over Indiana, in areas such as Portland, Muncie, and Richmond. We understand the importance of maintaining a lush, green yard. If you’re unsure of how to prevent crabgrass from taking over your own lawn, read below to find out more.

Rid Your Lawn of Pesky Crabgrass this Spring

How Does Crabgrass Grow?

During the late summer months, all plants produce thousands of seeds. The first winter frost kills all of these plants but their seeds remain dormant during the cold winter season. When spring arrives, these seeds begin to grow, including those pesky unwanted crabgrass seeds. Treating your yard in the early spring with pre-emergent fertilizer will prevent these seeds from growing and taking over your lawn.

Prevent Crabgrass with Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

Pre-emergent fertilizer works by killing the crabgrass seedling as it grows. The best time to apply this herbicide is when you notice other shrubs and trees budding in your yard. Use the following tips to ensure an accurate application:

  • Spread the herbicide evenly across your lawn.
  • Apply the fertilizer when the temperature reaches above 60 degrees F.
  • Use a pre-emergent fertilizer in late winter or early spring of the following year to prevent crabgrass seeds from growing again.

Control Crabgrass with Post-Emergent Fertilizer

Sometimes crabgrass can sprout and grow in your yard before you have a chance to apply a pre-emergent fertilizer. Your next line of defense is to apply a post-emergent herbicide which will kill the crabgrass plants after they have already begun growing. Try these fertilizer tips when applying a post-emergent fertilizer to your lawn:

  • Only spread the herbicide on crabgrass that is visible.
  • Apply on a sunny day, as rain can wash away the fertilizer before it has a chance to work.
  • Reapply post-emergent fertilizer as needed.

Don’t let unwanted crabgrass control your picturesque lawn. Contact the professionals at All Brothers Lawn Squad at (765) 371-4186 to schedule a lawn care health assessment. We also provide lawn pest control, indoor pest control, and lawn mowing services.

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