3 Ways to Keep Grubs at Bay

What can be done if you discover grubs have taken up residence in your beautifully-manicured lawn? Unless you know how to combat these aggravating insects, you could end up spending all summer trying to get rid of them. At All … Continued

Learn How to Know If You Have Grubs in Your Lawn

Grubs are active all year long in Muncie, IN. New grubs wake up from their winter nap when spring arrives, begin feeding on grass roots, and change into pupae. In summer, they become beetles and start feasting on garden vegetables, … Continued

4 Steps to Defend Your Lawn against Grub Damage

There is nothing more disappointing than spring cleaning your lawn only to find that nasty grubs and insects have invaded. All hopes of a lush green lawn fade away at that moment. You see nothing but months of fighting off … Continued

What You Need to Know About Lawn Pest Control

For many homeowners, it can be difficult to keep up with the extensive maintenance required to keep your home safe, clean, and looking good. Often, the value of lawn care service is underestimated. However, ensuring that your lawn is healthy … Continued

Struggling with Grubs Gone Wild

You take good care of your lawn with regular mowing, maintenance, and irrigation. You’ve even hired lawn pros to manage your fertilization schedule. But even so, you know that grubs have gotten the better of your lawn this summer, as evident by … Continued

Don’t Let Grubs Get You Down

Last summer, your lawn lost the battle to grubs. Those pesky little insects set up camp below ground and just didn’t go away. Slowly, you watched as your lush, beautiful lawn turned into a thin, patchy excuse for grass. Grubs … Continued

Eliminate Lawn Issues with Grub Control

Last year throughout Richmond, IN, residents struggled to keep grubs from destroying their lawns. What many people discovered was that these pests—while seemingly small—tore up grass in a hurry. Lawns went from thick and green to brown and patchy.

4 FAQs about Grub Control

You’re working hard to take good care of your lawn, but you’re beginning to see brown patches in some places. You look into it further and discover grubs in your backyard. Just how do you get these pests out of … Continued