For many homeowners, it can be difficult to keep up with the extensive maintenance required to keep your home safe, clean, and looking good. Often, the value of lawn care service is underestimated. However, ensuring that your lawn is healthy not only adds to your curb appeal, but it can also improve both your quality of life and your home’s value. There are many aspects to maintaining a healthy lawn, and one that is often overlooked is the necessity of pest control. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we know exactly how to treat your lawn so that pests cannot destroy the outdoor space that you have worked hard to cultivate.

Lawn Pest Control

Lawn Pest Control

Lawns are constantly under threat from damaging insects and their larvae. Damage often comes in the form of insects eating grass or leaves. Also, grub worms or insect larvae may be present at the root level, destroying the vital nutritional support system of your grasses and plants. Preventing pest issues before they begin is crucial to the health of your lawn. Most problems can be avoided by making sure that your turf, trees, and shrubs receive detailed care and deep-root fertilizers to combat potential threats.

The lawn experts at All Brothers understand the importance of destroying insects and grubs while also keeping the environment safe. We assess your lawn, trees, and shrubs to identify which insects and pests need to be removed and which are beneficial. We can then determine a solution that will correct or prevent the issues in the most effective way possible.

Indoor Pest Control

Even if you don’t see several bugs in your home all the time, you should still have a professional indoor pest control service. A few bugs here and there can turn into an infestation before you know it. Most of the time, pests live in hard-to-see places that you may not notice for months. Pest control services can eliminate existing pests and prevent major pest issues from arising. 

For a comprehensive look at what your lawn and home need to remain healthy and pest free, contact All Brothers today, or call (765) 371-4186.  We offer a variety of pest-management plans from monthly programs to a one-time application. If you’re in the Muncie, IN, area, schedule a free consultation, and our experts will help determine what services are right for you.

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