Grub ControlYou take good care of your lawn with regular mowing, maintenance, and irrigation. You’ve even hired lawn pros to manage your fertilization schedule. But even so, you know that grubs have gotten the better of your lawn this summer, as evident by those yellow patches of grass found throughout your yard. Well, the good news is that with a little help from our team at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, it’s not too late to get those crazy insects to stop causing you lawn problems.

What You Need to Know

It’s easy to take care of your lawn, doing all the essentials, without being mindful of grubs because they’re primarily beneath the surface. Grubs burrow in your grass looking for a nice snack: your lawn’s root system. They chew away, unknowingly to you, until your once-green lawn starts to turn colors or look patchy. Even when you start to notice these changes, you may not automatically attribute it to grubs. Meanwhile, those pesky insects keep wreaking havoc on your grass.

What You Can Do

Your best line of defense is to hire a lawn and pest control company like All Brothers. We have a specialized grub control program that fights grubs beneath the surface of your yard. We attack grubs where it hurts, thus eliminating the pests and preventing them from causing future damage.

And by hiring All Brothers, we can not only deal with your grubs, we can also repair your lawn. We can make a return this fall to fix any damages caused by grubs during the summer months. We’ll get your lawn back to being green and revitalized so you can get back to enjoy that soft, luscious grass you take such good care of.

Find Out More

To get more info on our grub control treatment plan or lawn repair services, contact All Brothers today at (765) 371-4186. Our lawn care team serves Indiana residents in Richmond, Muncie, and Portland, and we can help you too.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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