What can be done if you discover grubs have taken up residence in your beautifully-manicured lawn? Unless you know how to combat these aggravating insects, you could end up spending all summer trying to get rid of them. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we recommend trying these three natural methods to reclaim your lawn once again.

3 Ways to Keep Grubs at Bay

1. Natural Predators

While some natural grub predators can wreak havoc on your yard, there are others that are fairly harmless. Birds are excellent grub killers, and as long as they aren’t making nests within the walls or roof of your home, they can get rid of many of these pesky bugs. Chickadees, robins, and bluejays eat grubs as part of their daily diet. Chickens will graze the yard in search of grubs and other insects to eat. If you don’t have many birds on your property, consider making it more bird-friendly. Hang bird feeders, install a birdbath, and nail some birdhouses to your trees. 

2. Lawn Aeration

Grubs absolutely love the thick shelter that dense soil and thatch provide for them. You can make them less than comfortable by destroying the protective home they’ve made in your yard. Lawn aeration and dethatching will create a less-than-ideal environment for the grub population living on your property. Plus, this method allows birds to find grubs and insects easier, which can also reduce the number of grubs in your yard.

3. Less Moisture

Another natural method for eliminating grubs from your property is to create an artificial drought of sorts. Like other insects, grubs need water to survive. An arid environment with dry soil can kill their eggs and reduce the overall grub population. We recommend only trying this method if your lawn can survive and recover when it goes without water for a few weeks. Otherwise, you may want to try the other two solutions first, or call us for professional grub control.

Ridding Muncie Lawns of Grubs Since 2011

If you’ve tried everything but still can’t seem to get rid of those grubs, contact us today at (765) 371-4186 to schedule a lawn assessment. We are more than happy to provide a comprehensive pest control solution that can give you a grub-free and healthy lawn. We serve Muncie and the nearby communities of Richmond, Portland, and Union City with seeding and renovation services, spring and fall cleanup services, and EAB treatment solutions.

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