You’re working hard to take good care of your lawn, but you’re beginning to see brown patches in some places. You look into it further and discover grubs in your backyard. Just how do you get these pests out of your lawn so you can return it to its lush, green condition? There are a few common questions we at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC get about grub control, so we will share them with you so that you can begin to take action.

grub control

Q: What is a grub?

A: A grub, according to experts, is a white, crescent-shaped larvae of a beetle that you find within the soil. The beetle type can vary, but the grub is usually about a half-inch long.

Q: Why are grubs bad for a lawn?

A: Grubs can quickly cause deep-down devastation to your lawn. They burrow and feed below ground, wreaking havoc in your lawn’s root system. Another byproduct of grubs in your lawn is that birds and other creatures often try to dig in your grass to eat the grubs.

Q: How do I know if I have a grub problem?

A: Two major indicators of lawn grubs are brown patches of lawn and areas of loose sod. Another sign to look out for is the presence of beetles. Beetles lay their eggs in the soil, which is the cause of grubs. To check for grubs, dig up a square-foot patch of grass. You may have a grub problem if you see more than 10 grubs in that one square-foot area.

Q: What’s the best way to get rid of grubs?

A: Solve your lawn pest control issues by getting professional grub control. Because grubs are found beneath the soil, you need a treatment that goes beneath the surface into the ground. Ongoing lawn care—keeping your grass healthy with fertilization treatments, aeration, and more—is also an important element of grub control.

For professional grub control, contact All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC at (765) 371-4186. We can assess your lawn and help you develop a plan for getting rid of grubs and making your lawn soft, green, and full of life.

photo credit: Don’t walk Barefoot? via photopin (license)
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