Grubs are active all year long in Muncie, IN. New grubs wake up from their winter nap when spring arrives, begin feeding on grass roots, and change into pupae. In summer, they become beetles and start feasting on garden vegetables, flowers, and other foliage as well as lay their eggs. As the weather cools in autumn, the eggs hatch and they begin their new life by eating the roots of your lawn. In winter, these grubs will hibernate and wake up in the spring, starting the cycle all over again.

You can stop this cycle by treating grubs in the spring, preventing them from growing bigger, destroying your beautiful property, and laying more eggs. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we recommend you watch for these signs to discover if you have grubs in your Muncie lawn. If you do, you need to begin treating your property as soon as the snow melts to keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy.How Do I Know If I Have Grubs In My Lawn?

More Birds

Birds absolutely love snacking on grubs. Once they find a plentiful source, they will keep coming back to have their daily meal. If it seems like there are more birds than normal in your Muncie yard, you may have a grub infestation.

Brown & Weak Patches

As grubs feed on the roots of your lawn, small brown patches will form. If these vermin continue to use your property as their main dining option, these small patches will eventually turn into large brown circles. Consistent root-eating can also make your lawn more susceptible to disease. These weak areas will feel like a sponge and roll right off the lawn when damaged by grubs.

Grubs in the Soil

If you happen to find C-shaped white worms in your soil, you have found grubs. If there are only a few, you can remove them on your own. When you keep finding more and more, it may be time to call a professional pest control company to prevent them from harming your lawn. 

Call Us Today

If you suspect or find grubs in your lawn, contact All Brothers today by calling (765) 371-4186. We treat grubs as well tent caterpillars, web worms, emerald ash borer, and many other outdoor pests. Our team also provides seeding and renovation, aeration, fertilization and weed control, and spring and fall clean-up in Yorktown, New Castle, and all nearby Muncie communities.

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