Last year throughout Richmond, IN, residents struggled to keep grubs from destroying their lawns. What many people discovered was that these pests—while seemingly small—tore up grass in a hurry. Lawns went from thick and green to brown and patchy.

Grubs feed off the soil below ground and therefore destroy your grass by the roots. Without a good root system, lawns quickly fail to thrive. What makes grubs even more troublesome is that when you have grubs, birds and other creatures will dig in your soil trying to eat the pests—and that’s not how you want to be getting rid of them.

To avoid last year’s issues with grubs (or to prevent them altogether), you need to call All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC. We are a family-owned and –operated lawn care business serving Richmond, Muncie, Portland, and the surrounding areas. We have seen the devastation that grubs can cause firsthand and have developed a specially formulated grub-control treatment to fight back.

Grub control fights pests on two levels:

  1. Fight grubs beneath the soil where they live. Above-ground treatment alone won’t necessarily eliminate the grubs.
  2. Make a lawn-care plan. Grub control isn’t a one-and-done kind of deal. After you have grubs under control, you need to care for your lawn on a regular basis to keep them away. We can help you develop a plan that includes pest-control treatment, fertilization, aeration, and more.

Don’t let grubs get you down. You can still have a great looking lawn this year with a little help from All Brothers. To ask more questions about grub control or to get a free estimate, contact All Brothers at (765) 371-4186 during regular business hours, or feel free to use our online contact form any time day or night. Together, we can get these grubs under control.

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