Patches of dead or dry grass, poor growth, tightly-packed soil, and other lawn problems can all result in less-than-optimal curb appeal for your home. Armed with a little knowledge on how to combat these all-too-common lawn conditions and you can have a green, thriving lawn once again. All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC sees many lawn pests, diseases, and problems, but these four are the most common ones we come across in the Muncie area.

4 Common Lawn Problems & Their Causes

1. Dead Grass

Nothing kills grass quite like dog urine. This can be difficult to avoid, as the fluffiest member of your family needs to use the yard when nature calls. You can counteract the effects by watering the area after your dog has finished or you can walk her to a nearby park or along the road. It may be helpful to know that healthy grass can tolerate some urine, but ideally, not every day.

2. Poor Growth

Too much shade can result in poor growth of your Muncie lawn. Grass can usually grow well if it receives at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. If not, you may need to use different grass seeds, like sun and shade mixes or shade-tolerant fine fescues, when reseeding your yard. If possible, try trimming trees and shrubs to allow more sunlight to reach the lawn.

3. Compacted Soil

Soil that is tightly packed together doesn’t allow moisture, nutrients, or sunlight to reach grass roots. Fall and spring aeration, along with proper seeding, can effectively address this issue and bring back your flourishing lawn once more. 

4. Dry Grass

During those hot Muncie summers, it’s all too easy for grasses to dry up. It really doesn’t take too much work to keep your lawn fresh and green each summer. Saturate the yard with at least 1” of water each week, including any rainfall. Raise the height of the mower blades and be sure to keep them sharp. This allows the grass to grow higher and stronger, and also cleanly cuts the grass blades to reduce moisture loss.

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