It’s that time of year again when most homeowners are looking at their lawns and trying desperately to maintain healthy, green, and lush grass. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the right strategies to use when watering their lawns, and simply running water through the hose isn’t going to cut it. At All Brothers Lawn Squad, we know all of the tricks to keep your lawn looking great. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when watering your lawn this summer. 

How to Water Your Lawn

DON’T water your lawn more than one inch per week.

Overwatering your lawn is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. Be sure to only water one inch per week, and cut back on watering if you get a few days of rain.

DO know what time of day to water.

Early morning is the ideal time of day to water your lawn because there is less wind, less hot sun, and your lawn has a full day to dry. You risk water being evaporated or blown in the wind if you water in the middle of a hot day. Nighttime watering invites mildew and fungus. 

DO fertilize your lawn.

Fertilization promotes root growth and can help your grass resist dry spells. However, a lawn fertilized incorrectly could be disastrous, so always go to the pros for your fertilization needs.

DON’T give your lawn short, frequent waterings.

Short, frequent waterings will cause shallow rooting and weed invasion. Instead, water less frequently for longer stretches of time. Deep watering will encourage deep rooting and will result in a more vigorous, higher quality turf.

Efficiently watering your lawn is just one component to proper lawn maintenance. All Brothers provides many services such as weed control, seeding, fertilization, aeration, and pest control. Contact us for a free consultation, or give us a call at (765) 371-4186 to schedule lawn service for your home. Conveniently located in Union City, Indiana, we proudly serve areas such as Portland, Muncie, Winchester, and Richmond, IN.

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