Everyone wants a beautiful, thriving lawn. One way to enjoy a lush lawn during the warmer months of the year is through aeration. Lawn aeration exposes the soil to the air by removing plugs, or small pieces of the soil. This process allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to move throughout the soil, improving the overall health of your lawn. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we receive many questions about aeration. This is why we’ve addressed a few of these questions in this month’s blog post. Keep reading to learn the answers to three common questions about aeration.

3 FAQs Regarding Lawn Aeration

1. How Does Aeration Improve My Lawn?

Lawn aeration typically addresses two issues: soil compaction and excessive thatch. Compacted soil can make it difficult for grass to develop a strong root system. Excessive thatch can become a breeding area for disease, weeds, or insects and pests. Other reasons to aerate your lawn include better absorption of nutrients like water and oxygen and prevention of fertilizer and pesticide runoff.

2. How Do I Know If My Lawn Needs to Be Aerated?

Not every lawn needs to be aerated. There are a few tell-tale signs that will help you know if it’s time to aerate your lawn. These signs include grassroots that are only one or two inches in length, thatch that is greater than one-half inch, clay soil that is dense, and a lawn that experiences heavy use.

3. When Should I Have My Lawn Aerated?

If your lawn shows any of the signs listed above, it’s best to aerate it once or twice a year. A lawn that experiences heavy traffic should probably be aerated twice a year, while a property that sees very little use will most likely be fine with once-a-year aeration. Additionally, properties with cool-season grass should be aerated twice a year, typically around April and September. However, if you have warm-season grass, aerating in the summer between late May and July is best.

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