At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we know that a healthy, thriving lawn begins from the roots up. This is how we approach comprehensive lawn care services for homes and businesses throughout the Muncie area. Using a combination of aeration, overseeding, fertilizer, and weed control, we carefully but effectively repair your lawn, keeping it healthy throughout the year.

Lawn Care Services From the Roots Up


In order to get to the roots of the grass, you need to aerate your lawn. With professional aeration, small holes are created in the soil, making it easier for nutrients, like water, oxygen, and fertilizer, to reach the roots. Aeration can also improve drainage, relieve compacted soil, and help get rid of excessive thatch. 


Now that your lawn has been aerated, it’s time for overseeding. Soil that is brought to the surface via aeration is more receptive to germination. Using our slice-seeding techniques, we create small trenches in the soil for the seeds, which increases the chance of new grass growth.


Fertilization is the next step after aeration and overseeding. At All Brothers, we use our four-step lawn fertilizer process to apply rich nutrients for a thriving lawn:

  • First application – crabgrass control with fertilizer
  • Second application – fertilizer and broadleaf control
  • Third application – fertilizer and broadleaf control
  • Fourth application – winterization

Weed Control

In order to keep your lawn clear of weeds, we use specialized weed control fertilizer, specifically for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. If your lawn is especially susceptible to these annoying plants, we can adjust our compounds accordingly, in order to target these areas of concern.

Expert Lawn Care Services

Since 2011, All Brothers has been serving the Muncie area with our professional lawn care services. Request a free consultation by contacting us at (765) 371-4186. Along with the lawn care services mentioned above, we also provide lawn mowing, spring and fall cleanup, lawn pest control, EAB treatment, and snow removal during the winter season.

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