Keep your lawn lush, green, and beautiful this summer with the proper fertilizer treatment. Using fertilizer can improve your lawn’s growth, protect it from insects and diseases, and strengthen the root system. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we understand that a lawn needs the right nutrients to grow healthy and strong. While applying fertilizer can help, you need to apply the right type of fertilizer for your specific lawn. Avoid these three common fertilizer mistakes below when caring for your lawn this summer.

Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Fertilizing Your Lawn

1. Applying the Wrong Fertilizer

Do you find yourself standing in the fertilizer section of the home improvement store, completely overwhelmed by the dozens of fertilizers available? It can be intimidating to pick out the right type of fertilizer for your Muncie area lawn. Most fertilizers contain three elements – nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. These nutrients help with lawn growth and disease prevention.  

2. Skip Testing the Soil

Before you purchase and apply fertilizer, you need to know what nutrients your lawn is lacking. Testing the soil for the nutrients mentioned above will help you choose the right kind of fertilizer. You should also test the pH level of your soil. If the pH is too low, any nutrients you add won’t be effective. Spreading lime on your lawn can return the pH level to a normal range. Then you will be free to fertilize your lawn as needed.

3. Using Too Much Fertilizer

Just as it is possible to use the wrong fertilizer, it’s also possible to apply too much fertilizer. When you spread more fertilizer than is needed, it can burn the roots of the grass, making it more susceptible to insect damage and disease. If you notice brown spots or dry patchy areas, you are most likely over-fertilizing your yard. The best way to combat the effects of too much fertilizer is to water the lawn until it’s completely flushed out.

Choose All Brothers Lawn Fertilizer Service

Let All Brothers take care of your lawn this summer with our weed control and lawn fertilizer service. Contact us today at (765) 371-4186 to schedule this service. We also provide other lawn care services such as seeding and renovation, spring and fall cleanup, and EAB treatment in Muncie, IN, as well as Winchester, IN, Greenville, OH, and Noblesville, IN. 

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