During the winter season, you still need to think about taking care of your lawn. Of course, there isn’t as much lawn care required as there is during the summer season, but several things need to be taken into consideration as the snow continuously falls. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we recommend practicing these four steps each winter to give your lawn the care and nutrition it needs through the cold winter months.

4 Ways to Take Care of Your Lawn During the Winter

1. Prevent Salt Damage

Salt from de-icing products can cause injury to nearby grass. Choose salt products made from calcium chloride rather than sodium chloride to avoid damaging your lawn. Bags of de-icing salt that are left on or near your lawn can also cause the salt to leach into your grass. Be sure to store these bags far away from the turf.

2. Avoid Soil Compaction

If your soil becomes compacted due to the heavy weight of constant falling snow, it can negatively affect the health of your lawn. Not only can it cause your grass to dry out, but it can also lead to bare spots in the spring. If possible, avoid shoveling heavy amounts of snow onto your lawn. If you have to shovel snow into the yard, do your best to spread it out so the weight is distributed evenly across the lawn.

3. Remove Debris

Snowstorms bring with them high winds, icy roads, and loads of fallen tree branches. As soon as possible, it’s best to remove branches and other debris from your turf. If left on the lawn, these items can cause soil compaction and grass dehydration.

4. Water Your Lawn

Yes, even in the winter, it can be good for the health of your grass to keep it hydrated. Too much sunshine and wind without enough moisture can quickly dry out a lawn. It is possible to water your lawn, but it must be done on a day that is above 40°F. 

Friendly & Expert Service

If you have questions about caring for your turf during the winter, contact All Brothers at (765) 371-4186. We are more than happy to help! Also, be sure to take advantage of our other lawn services in the Muncie area, such as fertilization and weed control, spring and fall cleanup, and insect and pest control.

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