At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we are excited that the spring season is finally here! We’re also thrilled to announce our newest lawn service – hydroseeding. This all-in-one seeding application combines seed, mulch, fertilizer, and healthy soil additives with water, to create a nourishing slurry that is applied consistently over your entire lawn. There are several benefits of hydroseeding over traditional seeding methods. Let us share three of them with you today. 

3 Benefits of Hydroseeding for Your Lawn

1. Budget-Friendly

It may not seem possible, but yes, hydroseeding is an affordable alternative to traditional seeding. Hydroseeding is an all-in-one application that is typically applied only one time. With traditional seeding methods, you need to purchase the following items separately – mulch, fertilizer, labor costs, re-applications, and so on. Hydroseeding also requires less upkeep, so labor and supply costs remain at a minimum. 

2. Quick Results

For fast, beautiful results, hydroseeding is one of the best lawn seeding solutions. It works much faster than traditional seeding applications. Often, you’ll begin to see new grass growth within only one week of application. It improves the look of your turf, while the new grass is growing. The application is also applied more evenly, so growth will be consistent across your entire property.

3. Customized Options

Another benefit of hydroseeding is that is offers many options for customization. Our team takes into account the specific climate and landscape of your particular property. You may need different grass seeds if your property has many trees and gets less sun exposure. For more acidic soil, you may need a specialized type of grass seed. We’ll help you choose the seed that works best for your turf and property.

Hydroseeding from the Pros

Don’t wait any longer for that flourishing green lawn! Contact All Brothers today at (765) 371-4186 to schedule hydroseeding for your Muncie area property. We also provide top-notch lawn care services such as lawn renovations, aeration, fertilization and weed control, and lawn pest control. We look forward to making your lawn green and beautiful!

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