With summer quickly approaching, you’re probably dreaming of barbecues in the backyard or playing catch with your kids on the front lawn. Wouldn’t it be great to have a beautiful green lawn for these types of occasions? You can, with the overseeding services from the team at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC. We can help you accomplish this and improve your lawn in four ways.

4 Reasons to Overseed Your Lawn

1. Improve Your Lawn’s Appearance

Does your lawn have dry patches or brown spots peppered throughout? Then, your lawn may benefit from overseeding. You can fill in any brown or balding patches that were caused by pets or insects with proper lawn seeding application. This will help create a dense lawn that is thick, lush, and simply looks amazing.

2. Reduce Damage from Pests & Disease

One of the best ways to treat lawn pests and diseases is to prevent them completely. A healthy, aerated lawn is not ideal for grubs, beetles, moles, and other vermin to eat and live. There also are grass seeds available that are resistant to lawn pests and diseases. At All Brothers, if there are any pests or vermin lurking in your yard, we can identify them and plant grass that is able to withstand insects and pests.

3. Increase Your Lawn’s Thickness

Another benefit of overseeding and lawn aeration is the growth of a lush, thick lawn. Not only does a yard like this look beautiful, but it can resist invasive pests and foot traffic. A thick, green lawn feels amazing underfoot as well.

4. Avoid Using Chemicals

Sometimes having a healthy lawn comes at a price. At All Brothers, we do everything possible to repair and maintain your lawn without the use of chemicals. Overseeding is simply one way to accomplish this. Best practices like watering regularly, proper seeding, and professional aeration can give you the yard you’ve always wanted, without the use of harmful chemicals.

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