Summer is here and we cannot be more excited to be enjoying the warm, sunny weather! We want to make sure you can enjoy time outdoors with family and friends as well. This is why the team at All Brothers Lawn Squad, LLC, provides highly effective lawn pest control treatments throughout the Muncie area. While there are many insects we can eradicate from your yard, you most likely experience issues with these four common rodents, pests, and insects.

4 Common Lawn Pest Problems in Central Indiana

1. Grubs

Grubs are actually the larvae, or immature form, of many kinds of beetles. These insects wreak havoc on your lawn by eating the roots of the grass, which can cause brown, dry patches in your yard. If not taken care of quickly, they will continue destroying your lawn as they feed on grass roots.

2. Moles

Moles feed on grubs and other insects that have made their home in your yard. They tunnel through dirt to find and eat them, damaging your lawn along the way. While moving through your yard, their digging creates unsightly raised mounds. Many homeowners try a few methods to eradicate them, but usually end up becoming frustrated and overwhelmed instead.

3. Ants

Ants thrive underground in hot, dry areas of your lawn. While they don’t eat grass, their ant hills do smother and kill grass plants. If these annoying pests are not eradicated properly, they can soon move into your home, becoming even more of a nuisance and a possible health hazard.

4. Ticks

While ticks don’t necessarily cause harm to your lawn, they can cause harm to humans and animals. These very small insects are hard to spot until they end up on you or your pet after you’ve spent time outdoors. Ticks in and of themselves are not harmful, but they can cause allergic reactions when they bite, as well as pass on diseases to humans, cats, and dogs. 

Expert Pest Control

As a family-owned and -operated company, we take pride in offering exceptional, high-quality products and services to families just like yours. Contact All Brothers today for a free quote on our lawn pest control services, by calling (765) 371-4186. We can also take care of your other lawn care needs like seeding and renovation, aeration, fertilization and weed control, and hydroseeding.

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