Spring is here which means that in a few months, it will be time to dig out the trusty lawnmower. While most homeowners are quite capable of mowing their lawns, poor mowing practices – such as cutting your grass too short – can stunt its healthy growth. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we know the proper height for mowing your yard. We consider parameters like the type of grass in your lawn, as well as the age of your yard. Read below to find the proper height for mowing your lawn and to help it obtain optimal growth.

What is the Proper Mowing Height For My Indiana Lawn?

Set Your Mower at the Highest Setting

A basic rule of thumb for lawn mowing is to set the mower at the highest setting. To maintain a thick, green lawn, you should only cut the top ⅓ of the grass blades each time you mow. Longer grass helps support and develop a deeper, sturdier root system.

Cut Grass at Preferred Height

While most grass types respond well to being cut at the highest mower setting, there are a few that grow at their best when mowed at varied heights. For example, Zoysia grass and Centipede grass prefer a moderate mower setting. Bermuda grass and Creeping Bentgrass grow strongest at a low mower setting.

Let New Grass Grow Before Mowing

When planting new grass in your yard, it’s always better to let new plants grow quite high before mowing. Again, do not cut more than the top ⅓ of the grass blades. You can accomplish this by setting the mower at its highest setting. Scalping the lawn, or cutting it too close to the root, can shock new grass plants and slow down the growth of your new lawn.

With years of experience caring for yards in and around Muncie, IN, the expert methods used at Lawn Squad Brothers will encourage the long-term health of your lawn throughout the entire growing season. We are also happy to offer a variety of lawn services such as seeding and renovation, aeration, fertilization and weed control, and spring and fall clean-up. Request a free lawn-care assessment today by calling our friendly team at (765) 371-4186.

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