It’s fall season in Muncie, Indiana, which means that winter is right around the corner. While winter brings on evenings of enjoying hot chocolate, watching Christmas movies, and having fun in the snow, it also predicts the arrival of icy, dangerous sidewalks and driveways. All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC wants nothing more than for you and your family to be safe during the upcoming bitterly cold winter months. Following the three tips below will help prevent any unnecessary slips, falls, or broken bones, keeping you and your family safe. 

3 Tips to Keep Your Sidewalk & Driveway Ice-Free

1. Be Prepared

The most important part of keeping your sidewalks and driveway ice-free is having the necessary materials ready before the snow falls. A strong, sturdy shovel that can take care of both light and heavy snow will be helpful. If you have a snowblower, take the time to perform any repairs or necessary maintenance so it’s ready to be used. Have a good supply of both salt and sand available as well.

2. Shovel Early & Often

Snow can often be hard to keep up with, especially if it’s falling at an alarmingly fast rate. The best way to tackle snow is to shovel it early and often. This means you may need to shovel or snow-blow both before and after work. It’s much easier to remove a thin layer of snow than a heavy, thick layer that’s been sitting in your driveway for hours.

3. Use Salt & Sand

It can be tricky to know which type of salt is best for keeping ice at bay on your sidewalks. At All Brothers, we recommend using calcium chloride rather than sodium chloride. Calcium chloride works faster and more effectively than sodium chloride. It also will last longer, as you don’t have to use nearly as much compared to sodium chloride. We also suggest you add a little sand into the calcium chloride mix. This will help with traction when walking on a dangerously icy sidewalk or driveway.

Residential Snow Removal Services

For trusted and timely residential snow removal services, contact All Brothers today at (765) 371-4186 to get a free quote. If you’re a Muncie business owner, we also gladly provide commercial snow removal services.


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