Keeping your driveway and sidewalks free of snow requires the proper tools. There is an assortment of snow removal equipment to assist in clearing your yard of both ice and snow. The experts at All Brothers Lawn Squad, LLC, know the importance of being prepared in the unpredictable Indiana weather. Which snow removal tool is best? Find out more by reading below.

Keep Your Driveway and Sidewalk Clear of Snow


For an easy way to remove snow, a snowblower is your best option. Today’s models are easy to start and straightforward to handle. There’s also less risk of injury to your back when using a snowblower, compared to a shovel. If you choose to use a snowblower, be sure to stake the borders of the area you want to clear. Without doing so, you risk the chance of tearing up your yard or even causing damage to the snowblower itself.


If you choose to purchase a snowblower, you still need to use a shovel for small, narrow spaces, or to remove snow from your porch or deck. Shovels can be helpful on light snow days when there is no need to lug the snowblower out of the garage. They are also much more affordable than snowblowers.

On the flip side, shoveling can be very labor intensive. Some even consider it a great physical workout. There are various types of shovels available to help make it easier for you:

  • Snow scoops
  • Ergonomic snow shovels
  • Aluminum snow pushers
  • Roof rakes
  • Snow pusher/ice chopper combination

Sand and Salt

Both sand and salt are necessary for keeping your sidewalks and driveway clear of slippery and treacherous ice. The salt will melt the ice, getting rid of it completely. When winter’s been around for a few months and the ice is too thick to chop away, sand will keep you from slipping and falling. It adds traction so you won’t fall while walking from your home to the mailbox, or from the back door to your garage.

If you’re not looking forward to the idea of shoveling or snowblowing this winter, there’s still time to call the professionals at All Brothers Lawn Squad. Contact our office at (765) 371-4186 to find out more about our snow removal services. We also proudly participate in the Snow Care for Troops program, in the Muncie, Richmond, and surrounding Indiana and Ohio areas.

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