Ice Melt ServicesWe are all looking for ways to combat the cold, the snow, and (of course) the ice of yet another Indiana winter. Our snow removal team at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC has already been quite busy helping homeowners and Richmond businesses keep their driveways and parking lots clear. However, as you work hard to keep ice at bay and stay safe, we think all homeowners need to know these three ice melt facts. (For more details, check out this original article from Peters Chemical Company.)

1. Rock salt and ice melt are not the same.

Many people use the terms “ice melt” and “rock salt” interchangeably. However, this usage is not correct. Rock salt is composed of sodium chloride, whereas ice melt is generally is made of calcium chloride or magnesium chloride (or a blend of the two). Because they’re fundamentally different, they don’t attack ice in the same way.

2. Ice melt is more effective.

While many consumers choose rock salt because it’s an inexpensive option, quality ice melt products are better than traditional rock salt. Overall, ice melt works faster and keeps working even when temperatures drop. For example, rock salt is most effective above a temperature of 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Calcium chloride ice melt, on the other hand, can still work when temperatures reach minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, ice melt (when properly applied) is less harmful to concrete and to vegetation and landscaping.

3. Professional de-icing application is best.

Even the best ice melt in the wrong hands either won’t work well or can be harmful to its surroundings. That’s why at All Brothers we recommend that you utilize a professional de-icing and snow removal service during the winter months. If you’re worried about harming your landscaping or grass, hire it done.

All Brothers Lawn Squad uses the highest quality de-icing materials on the market and takes great care in making sure each application is done properly. We’re not going to just throw some rock salt on your driveway and call it a day. To find out more about our de-icing or snow removal services, contact All Brothers today at (765) 371-4186. We’d be glad to tell you all about our de-icing process and snow removal options.


photo credit: Anna via flickr license

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