Do you look forward to the fall season with its cooler temperatures, pumpkin-flavored goodies, apple-picking orchards, and other autumn festivities? While most homeowners welcome the autumn season, they do not welcome the idea of cleaning up their yard every day. With falling leaves and rotting plants, this is not usually an activity anyone looks forward to. Let the crew at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC do the dirty work for you. We will perform the following tasks, ensuring your property is ready for the cold, winter weather.

Why Schedule Fall Clean-Up Service For Your Muncie Lawn?

Pull Old & Dead Plants

When spring arrives next year, you don’t want to mess with cleaning out your flower beds or landscaped areas. And, in fact, the fall season is the best time to pull dead flowers and rotting plants. Our team will remove any old annuals and weeds before they drop their seeds one last time. We’ll also cut back any growth that may create hiding places for insects and pests.

Remove Leaves & Debris

If leaves and branches are left in your yard throughout the winter months, they can create a major mess when the weather warms up. Instead of breaking your back every weekend, let the crew at All Brothers take care of the cleanup instead. We’ll rake and dispose of all fallen leaves, as well as remove any dead branches and other debris.

Add Mulch

Mulching is not only for the spring months. Adding new or replacing lost mulch helps your landscape and flower beds in a number of ways. It can assist in retaining soil moisture as well as protect bare soil from erosion. It also insulates plants and their roots, keeping them healthy through the cold winter season.

Schedule Your Fall Lawn Care Today

For thorough and meticulous fall lawn care services, contact All Brothers today at (765) 371-4186. We are proud to serve the Muncie area and all nearby communities. Our team is also happy to provide seeding and renovation services, lawn aeration services, lawn pest control, and snow removal.

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