Lawn renovation during the fall season is a valuable service for producing a healthy, green lawn the following spring season. Clearing the yard of weeds and debris, prepping and aerating the soil, and fertilizing the grass and foliage, will help your lawn thrive when the snow begins to melt about six months from now. Let All Brothers Lawn Squad, LLC treat your lawn to much-needed fall renovation. Choose from one or all of the options listed below.

Renovate Your Lawn Before the Winter Cold Strikes

Perform Fall Cleanup

Before wilted grass and dry soil can be taken care of, your yard most likely will need to be cleaned up. We provide a comprehensive cleanup service that will prep your lawn for the cold weather ahead.

  • Rake and dispose of leaves.
  • Remove old annuals and weeds.
  • Cut back growth.
  • Mulch in areas, as needed.
  • Remove dead branches and debris.

Prep the Soil

Now that your lawn is rid of weeds and debris, the soil can be prepped for the winter weather. All Brothers has a background in farming, which gives their clients an advantage when taking care of residential lawns. They know exactly how to properly care for the soil in order to optimize the healthy growth of a lawn. 

Aerate the Lawn

Aerating the lawn in the fall allows for much-needed nutrients, water, and oxygen, to reach deeper into the soil. This is very valuable for your lawn this time of year, especially when growth begins to slow down with the cold weather approaching. 

Fertilize Where Needed

Prepping your lawn for fall also includes fertilizing the grass for optimal health. We use a natural biosolid fertilizer that lasts longer and is not as harmful to the environment. We can also create specific compounds to address particular areas of concern, such as brown grass or bare patches.

Schedule Fall Lawn Renovations Today

Contact All Brothers today at (765) 371-4186 to schedule lawn service for your home or business in the Portland, IN, area. We also provide indoor pest control services, lawn pest control services, and snow removal services.


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