Lawn FertilizationMany Indiana residents think that lawn care consists primarily of regular mowing and trimming. However, a healthy lawn requires much more if you want the best grass on the block. To really maximize your lawn’s potential. All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC recommends that you begin a regular fertilization schedule, and here’s why.

1. Keep weeds at bay.

No one likes weeds. In addition to being unsightly and rough on bare feet, they literally suck the life out of your lawn. Fertilization helps minimize weed growth so you can get rid of these lawn pests. Your grass will look better and will have a better chance at overall lawn health with regular fertilization.

2. Feed your lawn.

Fertilizer is like vitamins for your grass. It gives your lawn an extra boost to be healthier, fuller, and more nourished. Your lush, green grass will thank you.

3. Start at the roots.

What you see on your lawn is the result of its root system. A healthy root system produces consistently green, vibrant, and lush grass that’s soft to the touch and beautiful to look at. Fertilizer helps maximize root health, promoting a good root system so that your grass looks consistently green instead of patchy.

At All Brothers, we have a specially formulated fertilization schedule that coincides with Indiana grass as well as seasonal changes. For optimum lawn health, we recommend you set up regular lawn service. You can choose from fertilization alone or pair it with other services, like grub control, mowing, seeding, and more. We offer a wide range of services to get your grass looking better than ever. 

To find out more about our lawn services in Richmond, Muncie, and Portland, contact All Brothers at (765) 371-4186. We can talk to you about fertilization and give you a quote on regular service so you can begin to have a healthier lawn today.

photo credit: #133 via photopin (license)

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