When you think about planting seeds, most people consider spring the ideal time to plant—when the ground is moist, the temperatures mild, and with summer ahead to give it plenty of sunlight. However, when it comes to your lawn, the best time to seed in Indiana is actually mid- to late-September. Sound counterintuitive? Stay with me.

What’s so special about the fall?

As This Old House points out, “In cold-weather climates, fall’s cooler temperatures prevent the seeds from drying out, but there’s still enough sun and rain to help them germinate before going into hibernation for the winter, without the competition of crabgrass and other weeds that die off this time of year.” Because Indiana is certainly one of those states that sees all four seasons, All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC always recommends seeding and aeration during the fall.

Why seeding and aeration?

The short answer: You need to end the year on a high note. Summer can do a number on your lawn, especially if it’s been a dry one. Aeration allows your tired grass and soil to breathe and have access to nutrients. It also sets the stage for seeding because the soil is then better ready to receive the seeds.

When you both seed and aerate, you’re not sending sad grass into winter hibernation (which only translates into sad grass in the spring). Instead, you’re giving it that extra boost it needs to make it through an Indiana winter.

When is the best time to seed and aerate my lawn?

We typically recommend that you aerate and then overseed your lawn in mid- to late-September because the soil in Indiana is typically ready to house new seeds and help them germinate prior to winter. That way, they’ll be ready to come to full life once spring hits.

Who do I call?

For professional seeding and aeration in Richmond, Muncie, Portland, and the nearby areas, contact All Brothers at (765) 371-4186. We’ll give you a lawn assessment and get you on the schedule for this fall.

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