Each year, you look forward to those first blossoms on your apple tree—the promise of delicious fruit to come. However, this spring you’ve noticed that something isn’t quite right. You noticed many of the leaves are turning odd colors, and it just doesn’t look healthy. You call All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, only to discover your beloved apple tree has a fungus: apple scab.

apple scab treatment

According to tree experts like Arborjet, apple scab is a fungal disease that most commonly infects the leaves, twigs, and fruit of apple trees (but also occasionally pear and hawthorne trees). Apple scab is most easily recognized by the brownish-green spots on either the leaves or the fruit, and if the fungus progresses, you may also notice leaves turning yellow and dropping off.

While an apple-scab diagnosis can be disheartening, you can do something about it. Apple-scab treatment consists of a specially formulated injection into the tree trunk. The injection consists of a fungicide that is meant to help the tree rid itself of the fungus and recover from the disease. The earlier you’re able to spot apple scab and treat it, the better chance your tree has for a full recovery.

You don’t have to say goodbye to your precious apple tree and its delectable fruit quite yet. Instead, turn to the Indiana tree and lawn care experts at All Brothers for a free consultation. We can assess the condition of your apple tree and help you formulate an apple scab plan of attack.

All Brothers is based in Union City, IN, and we serve homeowners in and around Richmond, Muncie, and Portland. We’re a family-based lawn-care business that specializes not only in apple-scab treatment, but also EAB treatment, lawn fertilization, aeration, mowing, and much more. Contact us today at (765) 371-4186 to schedule your consultation.


photo credit: Good year for apples! via photopin (license)

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