Many Richmond, IN residents love having big, healthy, vibrant trees on their properties. Not only do these trees look great and provide shade, but they also add curb appeal that new saplings just can’t match. However, what many homeowners don’t know is that without proper care, their trees may be susceptible to tree-destroying pests.


Emerald ash borers are exotic beetles that like to prey on many Indiana trees. Often, these borers set up camp in your tree and cause damage before you even know it. Your best line of defense is preventative care.

Emerald ash borer treatment (also called EAB treatment) is a specialized service we offer at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC. This ash borer treatment involves injecting a specialized formula directly into the tree, instead of spraying the tree or its surroundings with harmful chemicals or pesticides. We have seen this emerald ash borer treatment work effectively to protect our customers’ trees while limiting its environmental impact on their lawns and families.

If you want to learn more about emerald ash borer treatment, contact our team at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC at (765) 371-4186. We can provide you with a free quote on our ash borer treatment as well as any of our other lawn care services. Be sure to check out our customer reviews, and give us a call today!

photo credit: ¥ via photopin (license)
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