There are three main ways to establish a lawn at your Muncie area property: laying sod, traditional seeding, and hydroseeding. Each of these methods has its own unique benefits and disadvantages. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we utilize two of these methods – traditional seeding and hydroseeding – to help give our customers beautiful, green lawns. The guide below provides the pros and cons of all three of these methods, giving you the information you need to make the best lawn seeding decision.

How Does Hydroseeding Compare to Other Lawn Seeding Methods?

Laying Sod

Laying sod is the fastest, yet most expensive, way to establish a new lawn. Sod is already fully grown with a built-in turf. One of the top benefits of laying sod is that it can be walked on immediately after installation. This method also does not require as much maintenance as the others and it only takes a few weeks for the lawn to be completely established.

Traditional Seeding

Traditional seeding, while less expensive than laying sod or hydroseeding, takes the longest amount of time to grow your lawn. This process can take anywhere from six to ten weeks, and it cannot be walked on or used before this time. The main advantage of traditional seeding is its affordability. It’s the most cost-efficient way to grow a beautiful, lush, green lawn.


Hydroseeding is the ideal compromise to both laying sod and traditional seeding. It’s less expensive than laying sod but costs more than traditional seeding. The slurry mixture used in hydroseeding includes fertilizer to help with growth, as well as mulch to bond the seeds to the soil. A customized seed blend can also be created, unlike laying sod which is only available in limited seed options. With hydroseeding, you will see growth in as little as seven days, but it’s important to not walk on it for at least six weeks while it’s growing and being established.

Choose the Pros at All Brothers

When you need a thick and healthy lawn for your Muncie area property, choose the professional lawn care services from All Brothers. Contact us today at (765) 371-4186 to learn more about our traditional seeding and hydroseeding services. We gladly serve the Muncie area with our aeration services, fertilization services, and spring and fall clean-up services, including Richmond, Portland, and Union City.

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