It’s that time of year. We’re all itching for spring to arrive for good so we can start enjoying walks in the fresh air, playing catch in the yard, and that first barbecue. One of the surest signs of spring’s arrival is the reappearance of your lawn. You look forward to having green, luscious grass once again. As you begin to see your lawn come out of dormancy, here are a few things our team at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC urges you to remember.

Spring Lawn Care

1. March is a tricky month.

As I write this post, I look out the window here in Indiana—and it’s snowing. Even though the month of March ushers in the spring season, it’s no guarantee that we won’t still have some cold temperatures or wintry weather. Don’t be discouraged if your grass doesn’t look great right away.

2. Grass grows at its own pace.

Depending on your lawn, you may have a variety of grass types. You must remember that each grass grows differently. As your lawn begins to green up, it may initially look patchy, but don’t freak out or start trying to do lawn repair. Give your grasses time to catch up with each other. As winter becomes a thing of the past, your grass will grow and you’ll be able to get a better feel for its condition. However, if you’re still concerned about the condition of your lawn after spring is here and your grass has started needing regular maintenance, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

3. Give your lawn a boost.

If you haven’t already, be sure to schedule a spring fertilization for your Indiana grass. In fact, we can go ahead and get your entire spring, summer, and fall lawn treatments on the calendar so you can rest assured your lawn is in good hands.

To find out more about spring lawn care in Muncie, Richmond, or Portland, IN, contact All Brothers Lawn Squad at (765) 371-4186. Our crew would be glad to talk with you about your grass and help you get it off to a good start this year.


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