All you have to do is step outside for a few minutes to know that it’s February in Indiana. The temperatures combined with snow and often ice are enough to make you want to go right back indoors; you’re not even beginning to think about your lawn. It’s dead these days anyway, right? Well. . . not exactly. Even though your grass may not even be visible, let our team at All Brothers Lawn Squad, LLC share a few things about your yard that will soon awaken with the arrival of spring.

Spring Lawn Care

1. Your grass isn’t dead; it’s dormant.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that lawns don’t actually die when temperatures get cold and grasses turn brown. It’s more like they fall asleep for a nice, long winter nap. In other words, your grass goes dormant; it’s in a period of hibernation until spring beckons it back to life.

2. Spring in Indiana is unpredictable.

If you’ve lived in Indiana long enough, you know that’s it’s not outside the realm of possibility to still get some freezing temperature in April. Climate data indicates that temperatures don’t usually stay above freezing at night during the month of May. So while you may have some sunny, gorgeous spring-like days in March, don’t jump into your lawn-care gear quite yet. Rely on your local lawn-care professionals to determine when you need to start thinking about lawn maintenance.

3. Fertilization helps awaken spring grasses.

Thanks to its dormant period, you don’t actually have to bring your lawn back to life when spring rolls around. All you have to do is wake it up. One of the best ways to do that is to begin fertilization and weed control. However, as fellow industry experts Lawn Pride note, timing is very important. Fertilize too soon and you can risk another freeze or even a round of snow or ice, thus undoing your efforts. Wait until it’s too late, and you fail to give your grass the healthy start it needs.

Make a Plan

Your best bet for giving your grass the best start in spring is to utilize professional lawn-care services. Together, you can make a lawn-care plan that’s customized to your region and your lawn’s specific needs. If you live in the Muncie, Richmond, or Portland, IN, areas, contact our team at All Brothers Lawn Squad at (765) 371-4186. We’ll gladly set up a consultation and provide you with a quote for your spring, summer, and fall lawn-care needs. Let us help you awaken your lawn this spring!



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