Using a weed pulling tool to remove a weed from the lawn by handHave you always dreamed of having a lawn as pristine and verdant as a professional golf course? Of course, homeowners know that lawn care isn’t as easy as it looks. For starters, weeds can wreak havoc on a lawn, which makes the art of weed removal seem like an endless chore of picking and pulling.

Don’t sweat it. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC of Richmond, IN, we have some quick solutions for effective weed control.

1. It’s the right balance of fertilization.

Did you know that fertilization plays a huge part in weed control? While it is true that lawn fertilization helps prevent weeds from growing, not just any amount of fertilization will suffice. If the lawn doesn’t get enough fertilizer, the sparse area will become overrun with weeds. However, too much fertilizer actually helps nurture certain types of weeds. Thus, fertilization becomes the ultimate balancing act — a job better left for the lawn care professionals.

2. Mow to the ideal height.

Mowing the lawn is important for more than appearance sake. Every kind of grass has an optimal height for health and growth. Along with proper fertilization and watering, maintaining the ideal height will mean that the grass can compete against weeds.

3. Mulch the weeds away.

You may find that some areas of your lawn have difficulty growing grass. Mulch is a quick landscaping alternative to this problem. Try laying a weed control fabric on the ground before mulching so weeds don’t crop up in the future.

4. Know the best conditions for removal.

If you’re eager to pull weeds, wait until a good rainstorm has occurred. Prying weeds from drenched soil goes more smoothly than removing in dry conditions.

5. Let the weeds stay buried.

You’re in the clear to pull visible weeds, but anything underneath the ground doesn’t need to be removed. When plowing or deep tilling, the buried seeds can get brought back up, which means more weeds will germinate.

Lawn care service isn’t an easy feat, especially when it comes to weeds. Let the professionals at All Brothers Lawn Squad get your lawn on track to becoming healthy turf. Contact us at (765) 371-4186 to receive a free quote today.

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