You want a green, lush lawn—the kind you can run on in your bare feet! Are you wondering how you can get your Richmond lawn in great shape for the months ahead? One way to make sure your lawn is at its best is with regular lawn fertilization, and here’s why.

lawn care

1. Keep weeds at bay.

Nothing makes a lawn unsightly or feeling rough quite like scratchy, patchy weeds. However, lawn fertilization helps prevent these weeds from growing in the first place! That way, your Indiana lawn can look great, and you avoid the hassle of getting rid of weeds after they’ve taken root.

2. Deter pests from making your lawn their home.

Grubs, beetles, borers, and other insects love to dig into your lawn and set up camp. Your best first move for keeping such pests off your lawn is having a healthy lawn, which includes fertilization treatments formulated for your lawn’s needs. (If these pests are already present, consider insect and pest control services.)

3. Strengthen your grass root system.

Just like you need specific foods to keep your body healthy, your lawn needs fertilization to help it grow thick and strong. Fertilization gives your lawn the nutrients it needs so that it’s healthy from the roots up.

At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we can assess your lawn and suggest a lawn fertilization regimen to restore your grass and keep it healthy and strong. We strive to make all our lawn-care services environmentally friendly, while still helping you get that green grass you desire. In addition to fertilization, we also offer seeding, aeration, seasonal cleanup, insect control, and other lawn maintenance services.

To get a quote or to ask a question, contact All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC near Richmond, IN at (765) 371-4186.

photo credit: Green Green Grass of Home USA via photopin (license)

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