It’s time to start thinking about getting your Richmond, IN lawn ready for cooler temperatures. Consider these few lawn-care tips from the green-grass pros at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC.

1. Don’t neglect mowing quite yet.

We understand you’re ready to put the lawn mower away for the season, but don’t quit just yet. You will want to continue mowing your grass until it stops growing for the season. Gradually adjust your mower blade height to be slightly lower, with the last cut being the shortest. Just be sure not to bald your lawn!

2. Aerate your lawn.

Aeration is necessary for a healthy Richmond lawn that will spring to life after winter takes its toll. When you aerate a lawn, you cut tiny holes in the ground, promoting better soil drainage and allowing nutrients to get down into the roots. We at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC recommend that you have your grass aerated every fall.

3. Apply winter fertilization treatment.

Don’t skip the last lawn fertilization step of the year! The winterization fertilizer is important to maintain lawn health, giving the grass important nutrients it needs to last the Indiana winter. If you aren’t sure which type of fertilizer to use, just ask your lawn care professionals for fall lawn fertilization advice or service.

4. Watch for white grub damage.

Indiana turf experts recommend that you watch out for white grub damage, especially in September. If you see grubs or signs of grub damage, contact All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC immediately to seek out grub control. You don’t want to leave these pests alone all winter to cause further damage to your grass.

For all your fall lawn care and fertilization needs, contact All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC at (765) 371-4186. We know Indiana grass and can help residents in Richmond, Muncie, Portland, and the nearby areas help prep their lawns for the winter ahead.

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