Although there still may be snow on the ground, it’s not too early to think about spring lawn care. All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC understands the importance of lawn repair and maintenance each spring, and we’ve been providing this professional service in the Muncie area since 2011. When you take the time to prep the soil, aerate the lawn, and fertilize trees and shrubs, you are giving your lawn and property their best chance to grow healthy and strong. 

Spring Lawn Care: 3 Healthy Lawn Tips

1. Prep Equipment & Yard

It can be difficult to begin any kind of lawn care with mounds of snow in your yard. If you do have quite a bit of the white fluffy stuff still lying around, you can help it melt faster by spreading out the piles. While you’re waiting for the snow to melt, it’s a good time to get any lawn equipment ready for the spring. Have the blades on your lawnmower sharpened and change the oil, so it’s ready to work when you are.

2. Test the Soil

If it’s been three years or more since you’ve had your soil tested, spring is a good time to have this done. A soil test can assist in determining the health of your soil and if there are any nutrient deficiencies. This way you can apply the right amount of fertilizer for optimal health and growth of the grass, plants, and shrubs.

3. Fertilize & Aerate

Once the snow is gone and you’ve had the soil tested, it’s now time to aerate and fertilize. Aeration creates small holes in the soil which helps to improve drainage, makes it easier for nutrients to reach the roots, prevents soil compaction, and breaks up excessive thatch. Next, you’ll want to apply fertilizer. If you had a soil test conducted, apply fertilizer according to the results of the soil test. Otherwise, we suggest applying a pre-emergent fertilizer that will prevent the growth of crabgrass, and then follow that with a light nitrogen fertilizer about a month later.

Schedule Spring Lawn Care Today

Contact All Brothers today at (765) 371-4186 to schedule spring lawn care maintenance for your Muncie area lawn. We also serve the areas of Richmond, Portland, and Union City with all of our lawn care services, including seeding and renovation and lawn pest control.

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