If you’re concerned that the winter weather has damaged your lawn beyond repair, look to the experts at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC for affordable and high-quality lawn care services. We have the right tools, equipment, and education to repair your lawn from any and all types of damage. Whether it’s full of stains caused by pets, dried and burnt from using winter salt, or dying from insect infestations, we can safely and effectively make your lawn look new once again.

4 Repairs Your Lawn May Need Throughout the Year (Part 2)

3. Pest & Insect Damage

There’s no way to completely prevent rodents and insects from causing damage to your thriving, green grass. Rodents burrow tunnels through the yard and dig up the soil. Birds quickly eat up grass seeds you sprinkle on your lawn to fill in holes. Insects destroy grassroots by munching on them day and night.

While there are plenty of over-the-counter remedies you can try, the best way to rid your lawn of insects and rodents once and for all is to hire a professional pest control company. They will find out exactly what types of bugs, birds, and vermin are attacking your lawn and eliminate them for good.

4. Burns from Winter Salt

Salt and de-icers are great for melting ice and snow on sidewalks or driveways, but they wreak absolute havoc on your lawn. You may be doing your best to keep this material off your grass, but when it inevitably makes contact with your lawn, it can burn both grass and nearby plants. 

You can take steps to reduce the amount of damage salt will cause to your lawn. Use a hose or watering can and rinse any salt that may have landed on the lawn. Treating grass with a gypsum soil conditioner will help it heal from any damage while also retaining its moisture. Skip using rock salt altogether and use ice melt, which contains sodium chloride and is safer to use on lawns and landscapes.

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All Brothers serves Muncie and all surrounding areas including Richmond, Portland, and Union City. When your lawn has seen better days, contact us to schedule a lawn care assessment by calling (765) 371-4186. We provide several lawn services including seeding, aeration, and spring and fall cleanup.

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